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What is the purpose of is a social networking, information and entertainment site for RVers, Campers and those who enjoy the great outdoors. A way to bring the RV Industry all together at one place to better serve the RV Industry in whole, without being too commercialized and adding lots of fun, humor and enjoyment to all.  A place to find, to meet, to share, to learn and to laugh. All here and all free.
Are there any fees or charges for anything?
Everything's free! However, you can support by telling and emailing all your buddies and family about Smile
Why is 'everything free' and how can support this service?
From day one was designed with the RVer and camper inmind, that's why everything is free. To support the site, myRVparks offers 5 different types of advertising from only RV related companies/businesses that serve the RV Industry. To have them on the site makes it more convenient for members/users to locate them much quicker and easier. These valuable companies/businesses that also make up the RV Industry are: The RV Dealers, RV Campgrounds, Our Suppliers, RV Repair Centers, and Manufacturers. These companies/businesses are our Gold Member affiliates who help support website and keep it all FREE for everyone.

We ask everyone to please support these businesses when in need of their services or products. This is just another way of saying 'thank you' to them for supporting
Why do pictures, videos and music have to be approved and how long does it take for approval?
In an effort to keep a clean, fun, friendly family oriented social site all pictures, videos and music will be approved before they will appear on the site. However, such materials and content are approved so quick that most folks don't even notice the approval process is taking place. We have a full-time staff who approve pictures. This is in an effort to keep from exposing our member/users to inappropriate or offending material. Please refer to our terms agreement to inappropriate materials and content not authorized.

However all materials and content are approved quickly and guaranteed no later than 24 hours at the latest.
Why isn't foul language, posts, or derogatory statements allowed?
We ask all members, users and guests to please refrain from any foul language, post and derogatory statements out of respect to those who find it offensive and unpleasant.
How do I change the information I gave when I signed up?
Simple, please login and go to 'My Account' and you will see a gray button/box that says Edit my profile and you can change your information there.
What if I forget my password?
Please just email us at or click on the Forgot Password? link on the home page Login box and it will be emailed to you right away.
Can I change my password?
Yes, please login and go to 'My Account' and click on the gray button/box that says 'Change Password'.
How do I rate a park that I have stayed at?
Please go to our Campground Guide page and type in the name or city, state and look them up. Once you find them click on the link on the park listing that says Rate This Park.
If I experience any technical issues or errors on the site who do I contact?
Please contact either or and please let us know what the situation is so we can get the issue resolved promptly.
Is my name and email address secure or will it be given out or sold to other companies or anyone for any reason?
Absolutely not! Your name and Email address is held private and confidential. Please rest assure that myRVparks will not give or sell your name or email address to any company or persons.
What do you do with the information from the questionnaire on the profile Sign Up page?
This information is there for several reasons, one to help with security to know who is who. The other is for fun and to find others. For example if a club member of a certain club wanted to find other members of that certain club this is a way they can search the site to see everyone from their club. Or maybe you have a friend who you haven't seen in years and locate them by their city, club or other ways and send them a message to say 'hi' again.
Will this site become too commercialized?
No, the only advertisements you will find on this site are strictly RV Related and they all have their sections & these sections are labeled so you know how to locate them when you are in need of their products or services. Our 5 groups are... RV Suppliers, RV Dealers, RV Campground Parks, RV Repairs and then our main sponsors such as manufacturers. These commercial companies help support the site and make it convenient for members who are in need of their products/services to be all together in one place.