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Old 01-29-2009
dspa4398 dspa4398 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2007
Messages: 19
Question Winegard TravelNet

I would like to hear back from anyone who is familiar with this new product from Winegard. The TravelNet literature claims to provide internet connectivity that surpasses air cards (both in speed and price), etc. Not much is available on the web as yet about this new product; although it is featured in RV View, which is a Camping World publication. It sounds good, and my thought is that it is about time internet connectivity in the RV becomes quick and easy.
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Old 01-29-2009
lindah's Avatar
lindah lindah is offline
Expert Camper
Join Date: Nov 2008
Messages: 143

I've read the hype on this product and, frankly, I'm very skeptical!

For one thing, it uses Verizon, Sprint, or Alltel wireless service, so works off the same cell towers as those services. Therefore, I can't see how TravelNet's service can be "better" or "more reliable" than an air card or USB modem. And for them to say you can have "anytime, all the time" service is very'll get anytime, all the time service ONLY IF you are within range of a cell tower capable of data service. I don't know where you travel, but we travel in a lot of areas where we are nowhere near a cell tower!

I also don't understand why anyone would pay $1,200 (Camping World's President Club's price) for the equipment when you can get an air card or USB modem free from Verizon, Sprint, and I assume, Alltel. For that kind of money, I'd buy a tripod-mounted satellite Internet system that I REALLY COULD use anywhere!
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Old 01-29-2009
1stsgt's Avatar
1stsgt 1stsgt is offline
Full Timer
Join Date: Jul 2007
Messages: 325
Default RV Internet Service


lindah said it very well. Look into the porta-sat system. I have the porta-sat with service and have never been without internet service unless there is weather interference or net problems and that very seldom happens. Check out the maxwell satellite web site.
Semper Fi

1stSgt. (Retired)
USMC 2440079
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Old 01-30-2009
utmtman utmtman is offline
Full Timer
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: USA
Messages: 544

I have seen the system when I was at CW last year in Missouri. Its nothing more than an antenna and booster system mounted on the rv. Its supposed to give a much broader boost than the wilson boost does. But just like any cell service again you have the problem with being away from towers and even a booster than only give you so much help. It cannot give you a boost if no tower is within 5 miles of your location.
Lee and Fran
Holiday Rambler Vacationer
While traveling down lifes paths, stop to smell the flowers.
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Old 02-01-2009
stevesandidge stevesandidge is offline
Full Timer
Join Date: Apr 2008
Messages: 423

dad uses the hughs net rig. he likes the service well enough, never had a problem getting online. the only thing is it takes a bit of work setting it up, securing it and then breaking it back down again to move.....he only puts it up if he is going to be in place for 5 or more days. he goes up to the office and uses their land line or even the wifi most campgrounds offer. while i have found that the wifi campgrounds are spotty service, especially after office hours! (KOA bowling green comes to mind } that it is easier than seting up the hughs net for just one or two days.
by an rver for the rver! rvia certfied tech
fix-it rv service, bluff city tn
USMC 1982-1994
37' holiday rambler imperial
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Old 02-06-2009
jdhjdh jdhjdh is offline
Join Date: Feb 2009
Messages: 1
Default Winegard Travelnet

The Winegard Travelnet is basically a cellular amplifier / antenna system, however it does have one major difference with vitrually every other amplifier. The Winegard has two antennas, what is called a diversity antenna system. Virtually no other amp has this diversity system built in these days. (years ago, when cellular first started, all phones had two antennas, but they found out two not mandatory) However, when out in the boonies, where having your aircard attached to an outside antenna is needed, sometimes moving that antenna meer inches can make a sizeable difference in signal strength. This is where the Winegard, however way overpriced, may work better than single antanna designs. Personally, my Verizon aircard, directly connected to an outside antenna, with the aircard plugged into the new Kyocera KR2 wireless router has been perfect for data, including skype calls. (FREE, or 2 cents a minute international calls with skype) While it will not work everywhere, niether will Satellite (due to blockage) and tons less expensive than satellite, plus faster than most satellite packages.
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Old 02-22-2009
mailman mailman is offline
Join Date: Dec 2008
Messages: 9
Default Video Calls

Does anyone use MSN Messenger for video computer calls? I talk (and see) my brother almost daily and he lives in the Phillipines. Also have a daughter and grandchildren in Utah and talk to them frequently on video...It is great. Marty
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Old 02-23-2009
geothom's Avatar
geothom geothom is offline
Expert Camper
Join Date: Mar 2007
Messages: 277

Skype is $12.30/year to call ANY number in the U.S. & Canada free for skype to skype, check it out.
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