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Old 08-18-2009
challenger99 challenger99 is offline
Join Date: Jul 2008
Messages: 9
Default Come on owners/managers talk to us

To start, recognize that there will be negative posts, from both sides, but then there are a lot of negative people out there.
Owners/managers tell us what we can do that will make our stay more enjoyable for both of us.Be realistic and general in nature, don't negatively highlite something because of what one RVer did.
RVers tell the owner/managers what they can do to make our stay more enjoyable for both of us. Again, don't be campground specific or totally negative because of one bad, in your opinion, experience.
We need each other, no owner/managers no place to park our RVs; no RVers no one to fill your sites and pay your wages.
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Old 08-19-2009
murffdog murffdog is offline
Full Timer
Join Date: Aug 2007
Messages: 1,121

It will be interesting to see if you get any response. I sent a survey Tuesday to Morgan RV Resorts regarding Waubeeka Family CG in Copake NY. I don't expect to get a response.
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Old 08-19-2009
lindah's Avatar
lindah lindah is offline
Expert Camper
Join Date: Nov 2008
Messages: 143

We don't often stay in RV parks, but when we do, we expect the people checking us in to know whether or not we'll fit in a site and which sites have satellite TV access for our roof-mounted dome. I also don't want to be told that the RV park has Wi-Fi if it isn't available in every spot...I'm not going to lug my laptop down to some central location just so that I can get online (which isn't often too much of a problem because we use a Verizon air card, and have been able to access the Internet in some pretty remote locations). And I want the sites to be level so that we can park without having to jack up one side or another. And the trees, both getting to the site and in the site should be trimmed so that we don't tear holes in our roof from overhanging branches.

We do NOT need to be entertained, so we don't need the park to provide activities. Our fifth wheel has its own bathroom, so we do not need the RV park to provide toilets or showers. We also have our own washer & dryer, so don't need those provided by the park.

In short, we're pretty self-sufficient so we just want a quiet, level place to stay where we can get our satellite TV tuned in and with sites wide enough that we can't shake hands with our neighbor from our windows.
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Old 08-19-2009
wagon217's Avatar
wagon217 wagon217 is offline
Full Timer
Join Date: Mar 2007
Messages: 279

Ditto pretty much what was posted. I would appreciate when a campground posts on their website when they say they can accommodate big rigs that they include a size. Today many of us are traveling in rigs 40' and larger. Knowing that you can easily maneuver through a park is a big PLUS to me. The other problem I sometime encounter is low hanging tree branches. Please! trim those tree limbs to allow for higher motorhomes, say 13 feet.
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Old 08-23-2009
travelingpants1 travelingpants1 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2008
Messages: 3

What about electic? We have been in two different rv parks in upstate NY, with insufficent electic. We have stayed seasonally, and paid a hefty price for our site, but the electic is so bad, we can't even run our air conditioner, or microwave. It seems to be a common problem here in NY.
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Old 09-13-2009
karlandlois karlandlois is offline
Join Date: Mar 2008
Messages: 38
Default Campgrounds

Remove tree branches that hang and hit the top of RV's. Keep your information up to date. It is always nice to have a recreation hall, but it isn't important. Newspapers to buy, information of the area, and honesty of the amenities. Wi-fi, pool, laundry, etc. We are good campers, cleaning up after ourselves and taking our trash to the dumpster. We really enjoy the BLM, COE, and State parks. They always have just what they say they do. No amenities, low fees. It is a nights rest when we are on the road. We don't need much. If the fee is too high then we can go to Wal-Mart , truck stop, Flying J or any of the others that give you a nights rest, FREE. Most of the Campgrounds that are affiliated with clubs, Passport, Good Sam, Skp, etc are good and the ones we seek out first. We especially go for a passport first on our list. Most CG owners are friendly and helpful. We have only had bad experiences at one "Chain" and I won't mention it. Hope this helps. We are full timers and are on the road about 2 months. We winter in Texas and Camp hosts up north for 4 months.
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Old 03-29-2012
rvdahtree rvdahtree is offline
Join Date: Mar 2012
Messages: 5

we are newbies with our first big outing last year. Every campground we stayed at was wonderful with one exception.
I called ahead to each and told them we had a newer 30' motorhome, towing a Jeep, needed a pull in space, no trees please because of the roof mounted satellite dish and we were two senior citizens and one poodle we picked up after and preferred a spot close to a dog walk area.
That way each knew pretty much what to expect from us and at each campground we visited we got off on the right foot. I always left a thank you note at each singling out a person who was especially helpful or friendly.
The one we didn't care for which was the ONLY one in that area.
She went through her mail while we waited to check in.
Told us we better not let our dog s---- all over the place.
We had to move to a different site when we tried to hook up and the sewer was clogged to the TOP!. ICK!
$40.00 per night and no amenities not even a little store.
Washers were rusted inside and only one dryer.
Pay showers!!! Dirty bathroom and only one toilet in ladies room and no door...
We were never so glad to leave a place and I wrote a detailed letter including pics to the major chain.
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Old 05-09-2012
Messages: n/a
Default Manager of a mobile home/rv park

I manage a park in Utah, we are an older park and we have shaded and unshaded areas, we have sites for long -large and small RV's. We have wifi that works throughout the park. We do have bathrooms and laundry also horseshoes.
All of our sites are back in and we do get people that call for a pull through and when we tell them we do not have a pull through boy do they get upset with me.
We have sites that are gravel with a patio and parking, and a yard! You do not shake hands with the neighbor, but when you are here long term, we do ask that you sweep up, use a weed killer, and water the grass. We have gotten some pretty rotten responces on this.
Long term people are renting the space that includes the yard. take care of it, why is it that they feel they are paying to stay here and do not do yard work? Especally when you live here full time year round?

How do you feel about staying in a mobile home community that allows RV;s?

The other issue is dogs, we get alot of RV's that have dogs. Most parks including ours allow small dogs but have a real problem with the owners cleaning up, we have pet stations but they seem to ignore them and my maintenance guy gets dog mess on him every time we cut or weed whack the area. How do you as an RVer think the management should handle this?

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Old 10-11-2012
jimbo's Avatar
jimbo jimbo is offline
Full Timer
Join Date: Feb 2007
Messages: 368

One of the things that always ticked me off is when you go to a campground and they act like their doing you a favor by letting you camp there. This is a hospitality industry and the customer is king. We pay to rent the sites and expect the thing that come with paying the fees to work. I can't tell you how many C.G. owners I have talked to that had no idea what they were getting into when they purchased them.

Here are a gew pet peeve that C.G, owners have told me in the past.

1) keep your eye on your children they are not babysitters. Also their employees don't appreciate removing rocks and stones and any other things kids may put in toilets to plug them up. The bathhouse aren't very sanitary playrooms!!!

2)Glass bottle shouldn't leave you site and when one does break please pick up the shards of glass.

3) Pick up after your pet even if you have a little dog that does little poops they still sting when you get it on your shoes. Also when the kids walk your pets make sure they pick up after them. Another one of my personal pet peeves is don't let little ones walk dogs they can't control if something happens. It may look cute but if another dog or something irritates your pet the child will have no control over the animal and may get injured.

4) When you leave your site should look like it did when you arrived.

5) Please pick up your trash when walking in the park and teach your children to do the same. One C.G. I frequent recently had to put the site #'s on ice cream containers and worm containers they sold in the camp store. Then if they found them laying around with your site # they would cut you off and no more would be sold to your site. They also give the kids candy when they go on the hay ride on weekends. They were finding these candy wrapper all over the C.G. they didn't hand candy out for a week or two and told the kids why. The problem was solved for a while!!!
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Old 10-11-2012
bukhrn's Avatar
bukhrn bukhrn is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: Lanexa,Va
Messages: 298

"How do you as an RVer think the management should handle this?"

Punish the guilty, (when found) not everyone , i've seen all too many times, that the majority are punished because of a few.
2007 2941DS Forester
2014 Ford Focus Toad
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