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Old 05-02-2016
whodo's Avatar
whodo whodo is offline
Addicted to RVing
Join Date: Apr 2007
Messages: 1,130

OH all the joys of a new rig... I have been donated a few TON'S of items from people when they would unload the Old Rig and Start Loading the new one... You wouldn't belive some of the things people left behind... Some things New, others Used, and still others I can't mention in public yet alone on this forum!!!

Donated = things people left in the old rig, tossed in dumpster, and others items that people actually asked, do you have any need for this or want this...

I now remember why I sold out and retired... LOL Happiness is being RETIRED from the RV Business.
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Old 05-03-2016
murffdog murffdog is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2007
Messages: 1,121

lol, Good for you, I can "now" relate. I'll be all set once I get some bugs worked out. Fleetwood has been a big help with some bugs but need a Fleetwood dealer for one. (dining slide center roller digging into tile)
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