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Old 11-17-2015
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Originally Posted by growurfood View Post
Just bought a 1990 Elandan, (what oil is best to use?) It started up, but was idling fast and overheated, with a smelly exhaust. I turned it off, and it back fired for awhile before settling down.

Any advice/tips?

The dip stick should have a manufacture wt stamped on it towards the tip. The WT or viscosity of the oil will vary according to temp as well. The particular brand of oil is your choice. (Everyone has their own favorite brand.)

Being the MH over heated, indicates a cooling system problem, possibly but not limited to; water pump, clucth fan, radiator, top & bottom radiatior hoses, even radiator cap.

Smelly exhaust could be caused by a over rich condition and in-ability of the cat converter to burn all spent exhaust fuel.

The backfiring or eng. run-on as sometimes called is most often caused by fuel entering the combustion chamber while eng is hot. Most likely cause is failure of throttle plate to close completely blocking off fuel from dripping into intake system.
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