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What is the purpose of myRVparks?
myRVparks is a social networking and entertainment gathering for RVers, Campers and those who enjoy the great outdoors. myRVparks features a campground database with over 10,000 campground endorsements across North America and dealer, supplier, repair center, and manufacturer information. myRVparks also has RV Forums and a Campfire Chat. Most importantly though, myRVparks users receive a personal page where they can upload pictures, videos, keep a journal and much more!

Are there any fees or charges for anything on myRVparks?
Everything is FREE! However, you can support myRVparks by introducing us to your friends, family and fellow RVers and campers, and by calling upon our Dealer, Supplier, Repair Center, Manufacturer and Campground advertisers.Smile

Why is everything FREE and how can myRVparks visitors contribute?
From day one myRVparks was designed with the RVer and camper in mind, that is why everything is of no cost what-so-ever to all myRVparks visitors. To reinforce myRVparks, we offer 5 distinct types of advertising from only related businesses that serve the camping industry. These 5 types of affiliation that myRVpparks allows are Dealer, Supplier, Repair Center, Manufacturer, and Campground listings. These companies are our Gold Member affiliates who help aid the myRVparks website. We ask everyone to please consider these businesses when in need of their expertise as a way of saying "thank you" to them for assisting myRVparks.

I am a Campground, Dealer, Supplier, Repair Center, or Manufacturer. How do I purchase Gold exposure with myRVparks?
You may purchase an advertisement on myRVparks by navigating to your specific section and clicking on the blue "Sign Up Here to Advertise" banner across the bottom of the webpage.

Campground owners should visit our Commercial Campground Area.
Dealer managers should see our Advertising Dealer Section.
Supplier, Repair Center and Manufacturer owners should read our combined Supplier, Repair Center, Manufacturer Division.

Will myRVparks become too commercialized with all of these advertisements?
No. The only ads you will find on myRVparks are strictly camping related, and will be categorized into distinct sections. These divisions are clearly labeled so that you know how to locate them when you are in need of their products or services. Our 5 groups of advertisers are Dealer, Supplier, Repair Center, Manufacturer, and Campground listings. Having these companies on myRVparks makes it convenient for you all who are in need of their products or services. We ask everyone to think about these contributors when when in need of their specialties.

Is my name and email address secure or will it be given out or sold to other enterprises or anyone else for any reason?
Absolutely not! Your name and email is kept private and confidential. Please rest assured that myRVparks will not give or sell your name, email or any of the answers you provided when joining myRVparks to any company or persons. We intend to respect and protect you privacy in any way that we possibly can.

Why do pictures, videos and music have to be approved and how long does it take for approval?
In an effort to keep myRVparks a fun and age-friendly social website all pictures, videos and music will be approved before they will appear on myRVparks. This is in an campaign to keep from exposing our guests to inappropriate or offending material and to keep any future unfitting writing from being added to the Internet. Our staff will ensure that the content is appropriate before it is posted here. We have a full-time staff who approve pictures. The approval process can take up to 24 hours, however, most folks do not even notice that it is taking place. Please refer to our terms of agreement for more info on improper content that is not authorized for use on myRVparks.

Why isn't foul language or derogatory statements or posts allowed on myRVparks?
We ask everyone on myRVparks to please refrain from any foul language, or postings with derogatory statements. This is not only out of respect to those on myRVparks who find it offensive and unpleasant, but also in an effort to keep myRVparks as family friendly as possible.

I am getting a message that says "JavaScript is disabled."?
myRVparks is built using many different scripting languages, one of which is JavaScript. It is very likely that any webpage you visit on myRVparks will require that you have this enabled. Don't worry though, it will most likely be built into your browser, and must be enabled to allow myRVparks to work correctly. To get instructions for enabling or disabling it we suggest that you check for it on the Internet, or if you need further assistance, please email the myRVparks staff.

If I experience any issues or errors who do I contact?
Please either alert the myRVparks staff and please give us as much detail about the situation so that we can get the issue resolved as promptly as possible.