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myRVparks Campground Guide Help

How do I find a Campground?
Go to our Campground Guide section and scroll to the bottom of the search. From there you have three options. You can either search for campgrounds within 50/100/200 miles of a zip code, or within 50/100/200 miles of a city, or you can search for campgrounds by name, amenities and more. Unfortunately since there are so many cities to search through, we may not have all of the cities listed. After searching you will see a list of possible cities to choose from.

How do I rate a park or post a review?
Please go to our Campground Guide page and type in the name or city, state and look them up. Once you find them click on the link on the park listing that says "Rate This Park". To post a review select "Yes" for the park review question and then enter your review in the box and click "Submit". Finally refresh the campground page to see your review.

How do I use the FREE Trip Routing?
Our FREE Trip Routing is intended as a way for you to find driving directions to/from one campground to another. To use the trip routing, simply click on the yellow Get Map/Directions button on the campgrounds listing in our Campground Guide. You will see a page that has the campground listing, campground reviews, the map location of the campground, and a trip routing box. You should first select if would like directions to or from that campground. Then enter your current/destination address, and click on Get Map. This will open a new window using Google Maps that will show you the driving directions on the left, and the mapped route on the right. If you do not see this window, be sure your pop up blocker is turned off, and try again.

Why do some campgrounds have maps and FREE Trip Routing and others do not?
myRVparks mapping and FREE Trip Routing rely on Google maps. Google maps rely on latitude and longitude coordinates for each campground location. Unfortunately we have not been able to record the latitude and longitude coordinates for all of the campgrounds we list. Therefore, campgrounds without latitude and longitude coordinates listed will not have maps or FREE Trip Routing.

How do I view a campgrounds events?
You can go to our Park Events page to view all of the campground events listed for any given month or state. Not all campgrounds will have events. When viewing campgrounds look for the blue "Park Events" button. If that button appears then that park has events.

How do I view a campgrounds rentals?
You can go to our Vacation Rentals Guide. Drop down the name and then select a campground to view their rentals. Not all campground rental information will be listed. Only Gold Member campgrounds will have rentals.

The campground I'm looking for isn't listed.
We do have the majority of campgrounds across the United States, Canada and Mexico listed. Since there are so many campgrounds in North America and since they frequently change it is hard for us to keep up with every campground and every change. So, we rely on our members like you to help us. If you know of a campground that is not listed on email James and let us know so that we can add it.

Why do some campgrounds have pictures and more information than others?
The campgrounds with the pictures and excess information are our Gold Member campgrounds.

What is a Gold Member campground?
myRVparks Gold Member campgrounds are campgrounds that have paid to be upgraded to Gold Member status. Their payment entitles them to greater exposure on myRVparks. Their payment also allows us to pay our staff and web developers so that we can produce new and better features. Most importantly though, their payment allows us to keep everything on FREE for you!

How can I learn more or upgrade my campground to Gold Member status?
Go to the Commercial Campground Section. Once there you can read more information about our Gold Member special and even sign up online immediately. If you'd like to sign up through email let us know here, or if you'd like to sign up by phone call 850.423.0492.