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myRVparks Profile Help

What is the link to my profile?
The link to your profile is going to be The exact link can be found at the top of the "My Account" page.

How can my friends and family view myRVparks profile?
There are two ways your friends and family can view your myRVparks profile. They can either sign up with myRVparks and add you as their friend. They do not have to be RVers or campers to join or if they would not like to join myRVparks, they can ask you to set your profile as open to everyone. That way, any of your friends or family can view your myRVparks profile without being a member.

How do I change the information I gave when I signed up?
Login and go to "My Account" and you will see a gray button that says "Change/Edit My Account." Click there to change your hobbies, equipment and clubs.

How do I create an About Me section?
After you have logged in to myRVparks, click on Edit myRVparks. Then scroll to the "About Me" section at the bottom of the webpage. All that you need to do to create/edit your information is click in the box and begin typing.

How do I use the journal?
To create a journal you should go to the "Edit myRVparks" page and scroll to the "Journal" section. You can view all of your previous messages in the window below. Select "Edit" to modify the message or select "Delete" to remove the message. To add a new entry, click on "Add Entry." Then enter the Subject and Message, and press "Submit."

How do I show Clubs on my profile?
We know that many of you are very proud of the clubs that you belong to. Therefore, we allow you to show your Club Memberships on your profile. When you first sign up with myRVparks, your clubs automatically show on your profile page. You can enable/disable them by selecting the appropriate box on the "My Account" page.

How do I enable/disable my Guestbook?
To enable/disable your Guestbook, go to the "Edit myRVparks" page and click in the appropriate box in the Guestbook section. This will either show or hide a Guestbook on your profile. You will not lose your Guestbook entries if you disable it on your profile, they will simply not show.

How do I change the background color scheme of my profile?
We allow our members to customize their profile pages in many ways. You can change the background/section color scheme of your profile page by going to Edit myRVparks and selecting one of the color schemes at the bottom of the page. After you change your color scheme, you must click "View myRVparks" to see the changes.

How do I upload pictures?
You have three choices when uploading pictures. You can upload a profile picture, RV picture or personal picture. To upload any of the above navigate to your "Edit myRVparks" page and click on the Upload Photos button on the right. Then select the picture type that you want to upload, and Browse your computer for the image. Then click "Upload". You will then be able to view your image by clicking the "Edit Photos" button.

How do I add/edit a picture caption?
To add a picture caption, go to "Edit myRVparks" and click on the "Edit Photos" button on the right. Then select the photo you would like to use. Click on the "Add Caption" or "Edit Caption" link above your picture. Then enter your changes in the text box below the picture and click Submit.

How do I delete my profile picture?
Unfortunately, you cannot delete your profile picture. If you would like to change your picture, simply upload a new picture over it. If you would like your profile picture to return to the default male/female picture, send an email requesting the default profile picture, with your username and gender to

How do I upload videos?
You can now upload videos to your profile, and coming soon, you can embed your favorite youTube or iFilm videos. To upload a video go to your "Edit myRVparks" page and scroll to the "Video Upload" section. To upload, click "Browse" and select your video from your computer. Then click "Upload." You will then see a new button in the Video Upload section that says View/Edit Videos. There you can view, delete, or add a caption to your video.

Why do I have James and Ryan as my Friends?
When you sign up with myRVparks, you automatically have two Friends. James is our Webmaster/IT Guy, and Ryan is our Founder/Vice President. We make these two your Friends so that you automatically know who to contact if you have any problems/suggestions for our site. If you would not like to have either of them as your Friends, simply delete them.

How do I delete one of my Friends?
You may choose not to have any Friends on myRVparks. To delete your Friends you must first click on the "Edit Friends" button in the center section of the Edit myRVparks page. You will then see the basic information for all of your Friends. Underneath each profile there will be a Delete yourfriendsusername link. Click on that link to delete them.