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How do I sign up?
To join myRVparks you should click on either the "Create Your FREE Profile Here" hyperlink in the Login section of our homepage, or on the "Sign In & Sign Up" link in the upper right corner of any myRVparks page. Then enter your information into the "Register Here" section and press "Sign Up". Next fill out our survey and press on the "Continue" button. When you have reached a webpage that says "Congratulations You're Finished", you have completed our joining process and are now a member of myRVparks.

What are the 1 to 4 numbers that will be used to create my Free Email?
When you join myRVparks, you will be asked to specify 1 to 4 numerals that will be used to establish your email. These numbers will be appended to the end of your username to define your email. After you enter the numerals in the specified location, you should select the City text box. Above that box you will see your custom myRVparks email. If you are unhappy with the address please reenter the numbers or username until you are satisfied.

We require our users to do this a security precaution to protect your address. If we simply created your address as, any one could visit our site, collect your username and profile, and send you unsolicited and unwanted email messages, or even worse steal your identity. Since the public does not know the extra numeric characters that you specified, you are much less likely to receive spam mail or experience a threat to your identity.

Why do I have to fill out a survey when joining myRVparks?
We require that our members complete the questionnaire page before they are officially signed up. This survey helps us to learn about the people who use our website and about you.

What do you do with the answers from the questionnaire?
This questionnaire is there for several reasons. Most importantly it is used your convenience and fun. For example if a myRVparks member of a certain club wanted to find someone else of that same club, they can scan the myRVparks club to see locate that person. Second, it helps us to determine what equipment, hobbies, and clubs that you use and how you heard about us. That way, we can better select the products and services that we advertise on myRVparks, according to your uses and where our current advertising is being beneficial.

I accidently spelled my username incorrectly when I joined, how do I change it?
Unfortunately, myRVparks users cannot alter their username. If you would like a new username, simply rejoin myRVparks with your desired username. After you do this you have two choices. You can either stop using your old account and alert all of myRVparks friends to the adjustment, or if you would like to close your previous account, please let the myRVparks staff know.

Can I change my password?
Yes, please log in and go to "My Account". Then push the gray button that says "Change Password". Then enter your old password and the new password that you would like switch to and press "Submit".

I forgot my password/username. What do I do?
Push on the Forgot Password hyperlink on our homepage in the Login box. Then type the email that you used to join with myRVparks, and the picture phrase. Within a few minutes you should receive an email message there with your username and password provided.

When I try to log in to myRVparks, my computer keeps redirecting me back and forth?
We have found that this problem occurs in Netscape and AOL browsers. Unfortunately, this is a bug that we have not yet been able to correct. If you stop your browser during this redirect, and go back to myRVparks, you should be logged in to your profile. You will not however be logged into the RV forums. To temporarily alleviate this problem and gain access to the RV forums, we suggest that you use the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to view myRVparks. Both are available at no cost, simply download them from the Internet. With the numerous different browsers available we know that this malfunction could occur in more than just the previous two. If you encounter a browser other than those previously mentioned that have this difficulty please let us know. Let us know by contacting our myRVparks staff. Include your name, browser type and any extra information regarding the issue that we should know about.

How do I check my email?
When you log in to myRVparks you are automatically signed in to your myRVparks Email. All that you need to do is click on "Inbox" link in the center of the white navigation bar across the top of any myRVparks webpage, or in the center of your personal Welcome section on the right of the homepage.

If you would like to sign in to your email without visiting myRVparks, you may go to the myRVparks Email Sign In page. Then you should type your e-mail such as, and password and select "Login".